01 - ANS - “Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival” it's your festival! (19-07-2021)
(ANS - Rome) - A worldwide Salesian film festival, a unique project, first of its kind to involve young people globally to create short films on the theme of hope, is indeed a great initiative that fosters youth leadership, creative engagement, artistic sharing and values. This “Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival” (DBGYFF), is scheduled to take place on 18 and 19 November 2021, in hundreds of locations in 134 countries around the world, in all time zones.   Read More

02 - Times of India (India) - Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival (24-07-2021)
The first of its kind, a world-class festival platform offered for young filmmakers to express their talents and contribute to the common good. This two day festival will take place in almost 135 countries in multiple locations with forums and meet-ups, featuring new and established voices.   Read More

03 – ANS - “Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival”, skyrocketed participation and enthusiasm deadline extended (17-09-2021)
(ANS - Rome) - Hundreds of videos from all over the world have been submitted in less than two months, with extra requests for participation from pre-adolescents to adults. There is a growing and contagious enthusiasm surrounding the “Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival” (DBGYFF), which is already achieving fully its first objective, of igniting that positive spark of hope in the young people, which in turn can set ablaze the whole world on fire. This being the reason, the organizers of the first global Salesian film festival have decided to extend the deadline for submission of entries.   Read More

04 - ANS - 'Comunidade de Jovens Cristãos' Movement shoots a short film for the DBGYFF (24-09-2021)
Carpina, Brazil - September 2021 - Children and young people who attend the festive oratory "São Vicente" in Carpina met at the headquarters of the Movement "Comunidade de Jovens Cristãos (CJC) - São Vicente" to shoot a short film to send to the “Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival” (DBGYFF), the world film festival conceived by the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, which will take place next November 18-19. The filming of the scenes took place on September 18th and had the CJC headquarters and the community chapel as locations.   Read More

05 – ANS - A thousand videos arrived at the Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival. The festival is now entering its final stage (18-10-2021)
(ANS - Rome) - Friday 15 October was the last day to submit videos to the first Salesian world youth film festival, the "Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival" (DBGYFF). Over a thousand videos were received from all parts of the world, testifying to a participation, of the whole Salesian Family, which exceeded expectations. Now the organization of the festival enters the final phase, with the juries - divided into two levels - engaged in the arduous task of selection. The actual festival days which will include contemporary projections, as planned from the start, will take place simultaneously on 18 and 19 November, in multiple locations around the globe.   Read More

06 – ANS - Towards the Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival An experience of the Young and the Salesians (19-10-2021)
(ANS – Dili) – Two months ago the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, launched the “Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival”. The Salesian world has been participating actively in preparing their own video to be submitted before 15 October. This film festival gives an opportunity to young people to move on amidst the pandemic crisis and calamity.   Read More

07 – ANS - Press Conference for the Presentation of the 'Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival' (08-11-2021)
(ANS - Rome) - Next Thursday, 11 November, at 11:00 (UTC+1), at the Salesian Headquarters in Rome, a Press Conference for the presentation of the "Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival" (DBGYFF) will take place. It is the world's first Salesian global film festival. The event will be attended by: the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime; Fr Gildasio Mendes, General Councilor for Social Communication; and Fr Harris Pakkam, Director of the Festival. The event will be presented by Fr Giuseppe Costa, co-spokesman of the Salesian Congregation.   Read More

08 – ANS - 'DBGYFF' presented to the press “Thank you for giving voice to the voice we want to express” -Rector Major (11-11-2021)
(ANS - Rome) - "Young people always surprise us with their creativity ... I really think that today's world must believe much more in the value of young people!" said the Rector Major of the Salesians, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime. He opined thus in front of numerous journalists and figures from the world of communication gathered today at the Salesian Headquarters in Rome for the Press Conference, to present the Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival (DBGYFF).   Read More

09 - Fides Agency (Vatican) - Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival has a missionary character (12-11-2021)
Rome (Agenzia Fides) - On November 18 and 19, the "Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival" of the Don Bosco Salesians will take place for the first time around the world, with an award ceremony on November 19 in Turin (Teatro Grande Valdocco). The festival, organized by the “Don Bosco Fondation in the World”, is aimed at young people between the ages of 15 and 30 from all over the world and awards the category of short films.   Read More

10 - Independent Catholic News (UK and Ireland) - Dom Bosco Youth Film Festival (15-11-2021)
The first 'Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival' takes place around the world, on 18 and 19 November, with an awardceremony in Turin in the Teatro Grande Valdocco on the last day.
Organized by the Salesian's 'Don Bosco Foundation in the World', the festival is aimed at young people between the ages of15 and 30 from all over the world and offers awards for short films.   Read More

11 - Catholic News Agency (USA) - Salesians asked young people to make short films about hope. They got a big response (16-11-2021)
new international film festival will premiere this week, featuring the winning submissions of young people from 116 countries. Conceived in December 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the first annual Don Bosco Global Film Festival received 1,686 short film submissions on the theme “Movedby Hope.” The best films, chosen by an international jury, will be streamed Nov. 18-19, both online and at physical gatherings in 135 different countries.   Read More

12 - ANS – 'Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival', the wait is over the Closing Ceremony on Friday (17-11-2021)
(ANS - Rome) - Almost a year's preparation, the involvement of thousands of young people from all over the world, the collaboration and accompaniment of hundreds of Salesians in the works of over 110 countries ... All this is about to reach its climax and find its synthesis, between Thursday and Friday, November 18-19, with the grand finale of the “Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival”, the world’s first Salesian film festival.   Read More

13 - Aletheia (Mondo) - These young filmmakers were asked to make movies about hope (17-11-2021)
A new worldwide film festival, organized by Salesians, will highlight the talents of young filmmakers. This unique project, The Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival, has invited creative minds from the age group of 15-30 to produce short films on the topic of hope. The two-day event will take place simultaneously in 134 countries and online, on November 18 and 19, 2021.   Read More

14 - ANS – 'Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival' The Party has Begun! (18-11-2021)
(ANS - Rome) – As for the New Year’s Eve, so too for the "Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival", the party advances to the rhythm of the sun and covers the planet’s various time zones to join young people from all over the world in a single voice of hope. In Oceania and in countries where the 18 November was the first to begin, screenings and events are already underway to celebrate and reward the creativity and commitment of the youth to this global Salesian film initiative.   Read More

15 – ANS - 'Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival' a wave of hope on the first day of events (19-11-2021)
(ANS - Rome) - India, Brazil, United States, Italy ... but also Papua New Guinea, Jerusalem, Mongolia, Burkina Faso, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Paraguay, Myanmar ...To look at the map of the locations where the “Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival” is taking place means leafing through the great atlas of Salesian work with the youngest and glancing at their creativity and their desire to inflame the world with hope. Since yesterday, Thursday 18 November, in over 270 places in the world, in over 50 countries, the screenings of the short films and the celebratory shows have begun. The wait peaks this afternoon when the winners shall be announced from Valdocco.   Read More

16 - Naga music video ‘Thenupfü Rüli’ screened globally
A screen grab from the music video. KD Vizo speaking at the screening at Kohima. (NP) A music video by Catholic Youth Association (CYA) titled “Thenupfü Rüli” has been screened across the world after it was shortlisted for the Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival (DBGYFF).   Read More

17 - East Mojo (India) - Nagaland Christ King Church's music video shortlisted for Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival (19-11-2021)
Kohima: Thenupfü Rüli, a 4:58 minute music video by the Catholic Youth Association (CYA) social communication wing of Christ King Church Parish in Kohima, has been shortlisted for the Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival (DBGYFF) and is international screening across 135 countries from Thursday and will continue till Friday.   Read More

18 - The Shillong Times (India) - Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival held at DBC Tura (19-11-2021)
A two-day mega film festival that was simultaneously held in 135 countries was also organized at Don Bosco College in Tura with a pictureque conclusion on Friday evening. Dubbed ‘Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival’ the DBGYFF is a Salesian festival of cinematography of global import, a unique project of its kind for youth involvement at a global level through the development of short films, in a major initiative of youth leadership, artistic and value sharing.   Read More

19 - Loop (Papua Nuova Guinea) – Youth Film Festival - A success (22-11-2021)
The theme of the Festival, Moved by Hope, comes from the 2021 Strenna of the Rector Major of the Salesians, Fr. Angel Fernandez Artime. The festival was facilitated by Social Communications Commission of the Catholic (SOCOM) Bishops Conference of PNG and Solomon Islands, screening 15 of the 110 selected short films from around the world.   Read More

20 - ANS - Valdocco Awards & Closing Ceremony of DBGYFF (22-11-2021)
(ANS - Turin) - On November 18, in 50 countries around the world, the projections of the short films competing at the DBGYFF and the celebratory shows were held. On Friday 19 November, however, the final event was held in Valdocco, during which the winners in the various categories were announced.   Read More

21 - ANS – Hope-filled Young people with the protagonists of DBGYFF (25-11-2021)
(ANS - Recife) - The “Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival” is still alive and in progress! The 100 films in the final round remain available for educational and pastoral benefit of the youth groups, in educational ambiance and for media-training. On Tuesday 23 November, some of the winning films were screened live in Recife in an event broadcast live on the social networks of the Province of Brazil-Recife (BRE), and coordinated by the Fr João Carlos Ribeiro sdb, Vice Provincial of BRE and assisted by the young duo Paulo Thiago and Ariane.   Read More

22 - ANS – Screening of 'Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival' (25-11-2021)
(ANS - Port Moresby) - Last November 19th, fifteen of the 110 short films selected by the “Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival” were screened at the “Paradise Cinema” in Port Moresby. In compliance with the anti-Covid protocols in force, only a maximum of 100 spectators could participate in the event.   Read More

23 - Magyar Kurír (Ungheria) - Online is megtekinthetők az első szalézi ifjúsági filmfesztivál versenyfilmjei (25-11-2021)
A projekt idén július 24-én indult, de majdnem egyéves felkészülés előzte meg. A világ több mint száz országban működőszalézi ifjúsági műhelyek több ezer fiatalt vontak be, segítve és kísérve őket az alkotási folyamat közben. Az elkészültfilmeket október 15-ig lehetett beküldeni.   Read More

24 - ANS – “Bearers of Hope” Screening of the Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival (26-11-2021)
(ANS - Dili) - The worldwide screening of the “Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival” was scheduled for 18 and 19 November 2021. This was also the case in East Timor, where the Social Communication Office involved and gathered the students of St. Peter's Institute, accompanied by their teachers, the representatives of the National University of East Timor, and the young people of the youth centers based in Díli, to attend a special screening of the DBGYFF.   Read More

25 - ANS - Two Young People from Central America win awards at the 'Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival' (26-11-2021)
(ANS – San Salvador) – After almost a year of preparation, the wait for the "Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival" award ceremony ended on November 19 at Turin. A total of 1,686 films were received from 116 countries around the world in many different languages. In the category "Short films upto 1 minute" 93 videos arrived, while in the "Animated Short films of up to 1 minute" 28 videos arrived in which two young people from Central America were among the winners, one in each category. Daniel Flamenco, a past pupil of the "Santa Cecilia" School in El Salvador, won the first place in the category "one-minute short films" with his video "Corazón Azul"; and María Nazareth Castillo, a student of the "CEDES Don Bosco" from San José - Costa Rica, won the third place in the category "one-minute animated short films" with her video "El sol".   Read More

26 (ANS) – “Bart” Wins Continental Best for Oceania in the DBGYFF (29-11-2021)
(ANS – Manila) – “Bart” a film made by the team of young people and collaborations of the Salesian Parish of St. John Bosco of Manila-Tondo won the “Best Film from the Continent award” at the World Level Salesian “Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival”. Ms. Lea Dasigan narrates narrates the excitement on behalf of the team   Read More