DBGYFF Jury Board

Acclaimed Film Community

DBGYFF can boast of a prestigious jury board with members from all over the world, featuring film professionals, industry stalwarts, youth icons, acclaimed filmmakers, award-winning actors, noteworthy producers, and cultural leaders.

Jury Selection Process

Objectivity and Fair play

All DBGYFF entries enjoy a fair viewing and objective introspection, as the entire jury process is transparent and scrupulously monitored. The talents, hard work and creativity of the participant will be justly recognized and evaluated.

Regional Jurors

Shortlisting Best entries

The Regional jury members comprise the experts of the region related to youth, media and society. They will qualify the regional entries and decide on the regional bests in the two categories -Juniors and Seniors.

Grand Jury Panel

Selection of Award winning entries

Various experts from all walks of life and acclaimed movie professionals will be part of the Grand Jury panel. They will watch the 20 bests of each region and select the global bests and the award winning entries that will be screened at the Finale.

Jury Selection Criteria

Artistic Merit

The Jury panel shall view, assess and select the best films objectively. If any film doesn’t meet the required levels of artistic merit, it may decide not to shortlist them for the festival.