Lucila Riggio, Argentina
Co-founder- ShortsFit, Producer
Lucila Riggio is an Argentinian short filmmaker and producer, who is the cofounder of ShortsFit, a unique festival distributor and world sales agent of short films, documentaries, independent feature-length films, and animated series from all over the world, with the scope of helping short filmmakers promote their work. She has graduated from the University of Buenos Aires as an Image and Sound Designer. She worked as an Assistant professor of Film and TV production for almost 10 years at University of Buenos Aires and also in other film institutions. She started the Audio-visual sector of the Salesian Bulletin of Argentina, producing more than 40 short documentary and journalistic films. She produced some award-winning short films such as ‘How Hipolito Vázquez found magic where he never expected’, ‘Iterari’ and co-ideated and co-produced the animation series for kids ‘The Earth at my hands’, all sold to different countries worldwide. Currently she is engaged in film festival management and world-wide promotion of short films.