Gjon Kolndrekaj, Italy
Filmmaker & Producer
Gjon Kolndrekaj is a reputed filmmaker and film producer, born in Kosovo, but of Italian origin. He has worked with legendary filmmakers like Francesco Rosi, VerioZurlini, Frank Capra and Federico Fellini. He has been a pupil of the famous documentary filmmaker Joris Ivens. He has created and ideated a number of Rai programmesin RAI. He is currently the president of the film production company Crossin Media Group. He has made a number of movies and documentaries, which have issues related to the environment, faith, science and various traditions related to human cultures as central themes. His short film, `Inner Wind', for which he worked along with Frank Capra, was screened at the Venice International Film Festival, thereby leading him into making television-cinema for Italian audience. His filmmaking career grew along with his documentaries like "Third age, useless age?", “Icons, the eyes of God”, “Santa Caterina del Sinai: Where God met man” earning critical acclaim. He has also made the story of the childhood life of Mother Teresa as a docufilm titled "Mother Teresa, a Child named Gonhxe.” This documentary film has been screened in many prestigious film festivals around the world. Gjon Kolndrekaj has also spent more than half a decade finishing his project on the Video Catechism of the Catholic Church, which is a film of 25 hours duration. This project has been endorsed by Benedict XVI and by His Holiness Pope Francis and by various important departments of the Holy See.